Dear valued Customer,

Our team is delighted at your patronage over the years and we are constantly inventing new ways of serving you better.


As part of our infrastructure upgrade, we are moving all our bare metal servers to virtual machines. This is to help us serve you better.



  1. Easy backup and restoration: Most of the requests we do get from clients surrounds the issue of backup and restoration on demand. With our new Virtual Machines, we'll be able to backup your whole server and restore it within minutes when it is needed. No need to backup just few files or databases, our techology will backup the whole server and all its settings and restore it when needed.
  2. Higher uptime: Our Virtual Machines are configured to be resilient. We have kept our uptime promises all over the years, but with this new Virtual Machines we are more sure of higher uptime. 
  3. Faster installations: With the transition to Virtual Machines there'll be no need to wait for days or hours to get your servers ready as it can now be done within minutes. With this you can spin as many servers as you would want in a day.

All the configuration details you'll need to access the new Virtual Machines will be sent to individual clients soon. We'll do our best to help with the migration and to continue inventing new ways of serving you better.



Coders Host Team

Saturday, March 5, 2022

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